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Hi, My name is Guyltone Sukawati! I'm a glasses bearing, tall, lanky, 50% Indonesian, 25% Chinese, & 25% French 17 year old student at Palos Verdes Peninsula High School. In the year 1999 I will graduate. But unfortunetly,
I have no friends, no girlfriend, no life!!!
Please help me. I just want someone to share the rest of my life with me. I revel in the humanities such as the opera and the ballet, in fact I take ballet lessons regularly and have hopes for joining the Russian Ballet Corps. Not only do I have culture, but I also have money, and lots of it. Please make my life happier by giving a donation.

Please in the name of humanity help this poor unfortunate man, by generously offering a donation of an eligible daughter.

Please dial 1-800-2-Help-Me
Operators are standing by.

If you act now, you can receive a $30 value gift!
Yes, You can receive a $20 value gift just by donating your daughter to Guyltone. If you give one daughter, you can receive the Riverdance video courtesy of PBS. If you donate two daughters, receive the Riverdance video PLUS the CD!!!
Hurry, ACT NOW!!!
while supplies last

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