Chapter    1-    Geography

All of Gaul is divided into three parts. The Beligians live in the first part. The Aquitani live in an other part, and the gauls live in the third part. Gauls call themselves the Celts. Romans, however, call them the Gauls. The Belgians, Celts (Gauls), and Aquitani differ between themselves by language, institutions, and laws. the Garone River divides the Gauls from the Aquitani. The Matron and Seine Rivers divide them (Gauls) from the Belgians. Of these 'tribes' the braves are the Belgians, because they are farthest away from civilization and the refinement of the province, very seldom the merchats are near them and they import goods which tend to weaken the character. The Belgians are closest to the Germans, who live across the Rhine river. The Beligians wage war continually with these Germans. For the reason the Helvetians (Swiss) also supass the rest of the Gauls in bravery, because they almost struggle everyday with the Germans. The Helvetians either prevent the Germans to their territory or they, themselves, wage war in the territory of the Germans.

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