Chapter   10-   Caesar   Enrolls   Fresh   Legions

The word was brought back to Caesar that the Helvetians have in mind to march through the fireld of the Sequanians and Haeduans into the territory of the Sahtones. The Sahtones were not by far way from the territory of the Toulouses, which the sate is in the Province. If it were to happen that he understood that it would be with greatest danger to the Province, that he mgith have these war like men, enemies of the Romans would have meighbors with enduring places. On the account of these reasons, he placed Titus Labienus in command of the envoy, which he had made to this fortification. He himself struggled into Italy by the great journey. There he enlisted two legions, he led out from the winter headquarters and three legions, who spend the winter around Aquileiam. He stuggled through the Alps into the farthest Gaul with his five legions, there the Ceutrones, Grajoceli, Caturigi, having occupied superior places, attempted to prohibit the army from the journey. Having been driven back by these battles, he arrived on the seventh day in the farthest territory of the Allobriges and then away from the Allobroges into the Sequsianians. These are first men beyond the Province across the Rhone.

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