Ch.   11-   Gallic   Tribes   Appeal   To   Caesar
Already the Helvetians had led across their forces through the Pas de l'Eduse and the territory of the Sequanians. They had arrived in the territory of the Haeduans and they destroyed their fields since the Haeuans are not able to defend themselves from them. They sent envoys to Caesar who were to ask for help. The envoys said, "We, Haeduans, always have been merrited such of the Roman so that almost in sight we ought not to have our freedom taken away, our towns attacked, (our children taken into slavery?) by storm." Likewise, the same Allobroges, who have villages and possessions across the Rhone, retreat to Caesar in flight. They said, "there is nothing left to us except the dirt of the field." Caesar, influenced by these things, decided that it must not be awaited until all fortunes allies have been devoured, the Helvetians should reach in the Satones' territory

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