Comentarii    De    Bello    Gallico-    Chapter    2

In Helvetia, the noblest and riches by far was Orgetorix. He, in the consulship of M. Messala and M. Piso, influenced by the desire of the kindom, made a conspiracy of the nobles. He pursuaded them because the Helvetians are contained on all sides of the location by nature. One part is contained by the Rhine River, by the widest and longest which divides the territory of the Helvetians from Germany. The other part is contained by the really tall Mount Jura. The third part, the Helvetians are contained by Lake Geneva and the Rhone River, which divides our province from the Helvetians. It happened of those things so that they were being wondered about lesser by width. And they were able to wage war easily on their neighbors. In proportion to large number of humans and in proportion to glory of war and of bravery, they were thining that they have territory corners, which is 240 miles (or feet?) in lengh and 180 miles (or feet?) in width

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