Chapter    25

Caesar removes first his horse out of sight, then all the horses so that the danger having been leveled, he might remove the hope of flight. Then he, having encouraged his men, begins battle. The soldiers, having sent the javelins down from their superior place, very easily broke the phalanx of the enemy. Having scattered the the phalanx, they made an attack into them by hand to hand combat. It was a great hinderence to the Helvetians in battle b/c many shields were pinned together by one javelin. For when the iron shaft had bent itself, neither they were able to pull out spears or have have the left hand hindered with easily enough (?) so that many arms having been thrown for a long time prefers to eject the shild from the hand and to fight with the body unprotected. Finally the tired from wounds, the Hevletians began to retreat there b/c the mountain was near around a mile away. The mountain having been reached and our men following the Boji and Tulingi, who with 15, 000 men closed line of the enemy and served as a guard to the rear line and they began to come around on the exposed flank. Having seening this, the Helvetians, who had retreated into the mountain, began battle again. The Romans bore their reversed ensignia into two directions the first and second line so that they might withstand the coming Boji and Tulingi.

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