Unconditional Surrdender

Helvetians, influenced by the lack of all these things, sent envoys to him about the defeat. The envoys, since they had met him on the journey, they hurled themselves at the feet of Caesar and having addressed him humbly, they seeked for peace. Caesar ordered thme to await for his arrival in which this place. The obeyed.

After Caesar arrived at this place, he demanded the hostages, arms and slaves, who had fled to this place. While these things are collected and they are collected about 6,000 men of this district, which is called Verbigenus, at night fall they left from the cap of the Helvetians and they struggled to the Rhine River and territory of the Germans becasue they were feared, lest they would be afflicted by punishment and they thought that in a so great number of captives either it be their flight was not able to be hidden or completely ignored.