Disastrous Ending of the Helvetian Migration

when he learned it, he ordered thse that thru whose territory that they had gone so that they might collect and lead back these, if they wish to be w/o fault in his eyes. He hold htose led back in number of the enemy. He accepted the rest with hostages, arams and runaway slaves having been handed over into defeat. Whence he ordered to the Helvetians, Tulingi, and Latrobrogi to go back into their territory where they had departed and b/c all the cold grain having been sent away there was nothing at home by which they had satisfy their hunger. He ordered the Alllobrogi to give the supply of grain to them. He ordered themselves to restore the towns and villages, which they had set fire upon. He made it especially by this b/c he does not wish for this place, wherence the Helvetians had departed to lay vacant so that on the account of the fretile soil of the fields, the Germans, who live acoress the Rhine, croessed into the territory of the Helvetians from their territory and they were neighbors to the Gallic Province and Allobroges. The Haedui seeked to collect the Bojos in their territory b/c they had been unknown by greatest virtue. Caesar withdrew it. Haedui gave the Bojos the fields and after they recieved them in an condition of law and liberty as they themselves were.