Comentarii    De    Bello    Gallico-    Chapter    3

The influenced Helvetians, by these affairs, and by the authority of the moved Orgetorix, decided to prepare thse things, which pertain the departing. They brought up the greatest number possible of all the yoked animals and carts. They sowed grain so that they might have a supply of grain on the journey. They established peace and friendship with the nearest states for the purpose of finsihing these things. They thought that two years was enough. They fixed by decree in three years. Orgetorix is chosen for the purpose of performing to these affairs. he took upon himself the office of envoy for the state. He persuaded Casticus, Sequanian so that he might seize the kingship in his state. the father of Casticus had the kingship in the Sequani for many years and he was called a friend by the Roman Senate and likewise he persuaded Dumnorix, Haeduus, so that he might try the same. Dumnorix was the brother of Diviciacus, and by this time he has the supremacy and he was very popular with the people. Oregetorix fave to him his daughter in matronmony. "It is very easy to finish it," he said, "I, myself, am about to obtain sovereign power of my state. it is not doubtful that the Helvetians are the most powerful of all Gaul. I shall obtain kingdoms for you by means of my resources and my army." Influenced by this speech, they give an oath bound pledge among themselves. The kingdom having been seized, they hope that they are able to obtain all of Gaul through the three very powerful people.

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