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In response having been brought back to Caesar, again Caesar sent envoys to him with these instructions: "Since, although treated with so great kindness by myself and Roman people, during my consulship he, king, was called the as a friend by the Roman senate (Ariovistus). He pays this to me and to Roman people, so that he having been willing might resist to come into conference and neither does he think that it concerns a common matter by him for the purpose of learning to himself, these things are orders, which I demand from you. I demand first that Ariovistus not lead any of crows of men further acorss the Rhine. Then Let him give back the hostages, whom he holds from the Haeudans, and let him permit the Sequanians to give back the hostages which they held with his concent; nor to provoke the Haeduans by injustice, nor he inflict war on these allies of theirs. If he shall done this perpetual grateful friend of mine will be with him. If I shan't gain my end, the in consulship of M. Messiala and M. Piso, the senate decreed so that whoever obtains the Gallic province because as far as consistently he is able to make with public interest, he defends the rest of Haeduans and friends of Roman people, I shall not neglect the injustices of the Haeduans."