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To these things, Ariovistus responds to him: "It is right of war so that the victors order the conquered to in which way they wishes likewise the Roman people are not accostumed to order the conquered not according to the proscription. If I don't direct to the Roman people as according to their own law. It is not fitting that I be hindered by Roman people in my justice. The Haeduans, attempted the fortune of war, made a tributary to me and they meet by arms and they have been surpassed. Caesar make a great injustice since he made to me a minor tax by his arrival. I shall give back the hostages to the Haeduans either I carry on war on neither their allies of justice or if they will abide which was agreed upon because he convenes and they pay yearly tributary. If they did not do it, the name of the brother of the Roman people. As to the fact that Caesar reported away to me that he would not neglect injustices of the Haeduans, nobody pretends without destruction with me. When he wishes, let him come on. He understands what of the unconquered Germans, having been practiced in arms, who have not been under the roof, between 14 years of constantly, are able to do with courage.