Ariovistus States His Case Blunty

Ariovistus responed to very few demands of Caesar; he boasted many set forth statements about his brave (virtuous) men. "I coressed the Rhine, not on my own will but asked and summoned by the Gauls. I didn't remain at home with the neighbors with outh great hope and great reawards. I have the conceded throne in Gaul away from the Gauls and the given hostages of the Gauls by will." I seize the tribute by right of war, b/c the vitors did accustomed to levy upon the vanquished. "I didn't wage war on the Gauls but the Gauls waged war to me. All of the Gaulic states came to me for the purpose f seizing me and they did set up a camp against me. All of these troops were pushed back by me and they were defeated in one battle. If the Gauls wish to try a second time, again, i am prepared to fight to the finish. If they wish to use peace, it is unjst to decline on the tributary which thus far they did pary by will. I came before the Roman ppl into Gaul never before this time as the Roman army of the Gaullic province left from their territory. What do you wish of mena? why do yo come into my posseessions? This part of Gaul is my province. As no concession ought to be made to me, if I shall made an attack into your territory, so that likewise you are unjust b/c you interrupt me in my right. Unless I do not hold as a friend but an enemy and the army departs and the deducts the army from this region. Because if i shall have killed you, i'll make it to cmpare away from then thru the messengers the gratefulness of them by many nobles and chiefs of the Roman ppl. Of which all of i'll be able to buy gratefulness and friendship by your death. Because if you will have left and you'll have handed down without intereferrence the possession of Celtic Gaul to me. I shall be rewarded with a great reard from you and whatever battles you wish to wage, i shall accomplish on your part without any of hardship. and danger.