Comentarii    De    Bello    Gallico-    Chapter    2
Chapter    5-    Point    of    No    Return

After the death of Oregtorix, nevertheless the Heletians attempted to do it which that they had decided. And they had prepared to goout of their territoy. When at leas they thought that they were preapred for the departure, they set fire to all their towns, about 12 in number, villages, about 400, and the rest of private buildings. They burned all the grain beyond which there were about to carry with themselves. They did thses things so that they might remove hope of returning home, and they were more prepared for undergoing all dangers. From home they ordered to carry out ground rations for 3 months for themselves. They persuade the Rauraci, Tullingi, and Latobrigi, meighbors, so that tthey might march with them as one. their howns and villages having been burned the received themselves the Boji, who had gone accross the Rhine River and the Noreja, and they joined together as allies to themselves. "Can't Find Your Way Home?"