A Desperate Encounter

Caesar made on of the envoys and a quaestor in charge of one of the legions so that each one might have them as witnesses of his own bravery. He began war on the right wing because he had noticed that this part of the enemy was the weakest. The signal having been given, our men made an attack into the enemy so fiercely; and thus in this way the enemies advanced suddenly and quickly so that time is not given for the throwing the javelins into the enemies. Having ejected the javelins, it was fought hand to hand with swords. But yet, the Germans, having made their phalanx quickly according to habit, received the attack of the swords. Many of our men were discovered who were the type to leap upon the phalanx and to tear the shield out the hands and wounded them from above. When the line of battle of enemy was not on the left wing and was thrown together into flight, they pursued our line of battle on the right wing strongly with a multitiude of their own. When young Publicus Crassus had noticed it, who was in command of the cavalry, because he was more free to act than they, who were engages about between the line of battle, he sent three lines of battle as an aid to our men who were hard pressed.