Chapter    6-    Hevletian    Pick    Their    Route

There were only two routes, by which the routes were able to go from home. One was the thru the Sequaninas, between the Jura Mountains and the Rhone River. This route was so narrow and so difficult that the carts scacely one at a time were led thru. The very high mountains threaten in this way so that very few men were able to prohibit them easily. The other route was easier, because the Rhone River flows between the territory of the Helvetians and of the Allobroges who recently had been subdued by the Romans. This river is crossed by some places by a ford. The faterest town of the Allbroges and the nearest to the territory of the Helvetians is Geneva. the bridge extends to the Helvetians out of this town. The Helvetians thought that either they would persuade the Allobroges becacuse they not yet were seem as well disposed toward the Roman people or they would compel them by force so that they might give the route to them. All these things having been prepared, for the sake of the day they convened at the bank of the river. This day was the 5th day before the Kalends of April (march 28) during the consulship of L. Calpurnius Piso, and A. Gabinus.

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