Chapter7-    Roman    Goverment    Arrives    on    the    Scene

When it had been announced to Caesar that the Helvetians were trying to march thru our Province, Caesar hastens to depart from the city. By the greatest marches possible, he hastened into faterest Gaul and he arrived in the vicinity of Geneva. He orders the greatest number possible of soldiers upon the whole Province. There was only one legion in farest Gaul. He orders to wipe out the bridge, which was to Geneva. when the Hevetians were informed about this arrival, they sent envoys to them, who were to say that the Hevetians have in mind to march thru the Province without any bad deeds, besides they have no other route. The envoys ask so that it be permitted to do it for them by will. Caesar however had remembered that consul, L. Cassius, was killed and the army was driven away by the Helvetians and that they missed under the yoke. therefore, he was not thinking that this must be conceited. And meither did he think that the men with unfriendly minds were given ease of marching through the province would refrain from the injustice and bad deeds. ( I think that I missed this part of the translation because I can't decipher what I wrote so until I see your books, this part will be skipped) however until the sholdier should assemble, whom he has ordered, he sepronds to the envoys: "I shall set a day for the purpose of considering. If you wish anything , you are being returned on the Ides of April."

Nota Bene: sorry the imcompleteness of ch. 7. once i see your books, i'll fix it asap.