Chapter   8-   Passage   of   Helvetians   Is   Barred

Meanwhile, with this legion, which he had with him and soldiers, who had arrived from the Province he constructs a wall and a ditch from Lake Geneva, which flows into the Rhone River near to the Jura mountains which divided the territory of the Sequani from the Helvetians. The wall and ditch were in lengh 19 miles and in height 16 feet (I don't know why i'm not consistant, but check your books). Having complete this burden, he stationed at intervals guards and he fortifies the little camp, for the reason which he can prohibit them more easily, if they attempt to go across with himself unwilling. when this day comes, which he had decided with the envoys, and the enoys reverted to him, Caesar said: "In accordance custom and example of the Roman people, I cannot give a route to you. If you shall attempt to make force, i prohibit you, the Helvetians, dejected from this hope, attempted to go across the river by joining their boats and by making a many rafts from the other fords of the Rhone, where there was the smallest height of the river, never in daytime, they wisely attempted to force a passage in the night. But repulsed by the strnegth of the fortification they stopped from this attempt.

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