Chapter   9-   Helvetians   Find   Another   Way   Out

There only remained one way throught the Sequaninas by which the Sequanians, unwilling, they were not able to go because of the marrow moutain passage. Since the Helvetians were not able to persuade the Sequanians by their own influence, they sent envoys to Dumnorix Haedun so that with him as an interecessor, they gain their end from the Sequanians. Dumnorix was very influentials among the Sequanians beacause of his popularity and bribery and he was a friend to the Helvetians. Because out of this state, he married the daughter of Oregetorix. He, influenced, was eagar for a radical change in the goverment by the desire of the kingship and he wasnted to have as many states as possible under obligation because of hi kindness. And so he undertook the affriar and they obtain their end from the Sequanians so that they might allow the Helvetians go through their territory. He arranges it that they mgiht give the hostagesamong themselves. Sequanians gave the hostages so that they might not prohibit the Helvetians on their journey; the Helvetians go across without bad doing ( bad deed) and injustice.