Chapter 10
At last you will go now where that unbridled and mad desire of yours dragged u 4 a long time; neither for the these things bring to you grief, but a certain incredible delight. Nature created you for this madness, the inclination exercised you, fortune saved you. Not only have never desired for peace but not even war, unless an evil war (implied). You obtained a hand of evil men gathered from desperate men and those abandoned not only by every fortune but also by hope. Here you will enjoy which pleasure, you will exult with which joys, you will revel in which delight, when you hear in the so great # of your own neither you will nor see any the good men of yours. For the pursuit of life these hardships were practiced, which the efforts or yours are told about, therefore you lie on the ground not only for the purpose of practicing your immoral acts (debauchery) but also to commit your violence to watch not only the plotting against the sleep of husbands but also against the good of the peaceful men. you where an opportunity where you display that famous patience of yours 4 famine, cold, lack of all tings, and by which you feel that you exhaust in a short time. I accomplish this much when I defeated u for consulship so as an exile u were able to attack the republic rather than consul, and which it had been undertaken by you criminally than it was named robbery than a war.