Chapter 12
Although not none are some in this body who either do not see those things which threatens or they deny those dangers which they do see, however these nourish the hope of Catiline with the soft sentiment and strengthened the rising conspiracy by not believing and under whose authority many others not only wicked but also inexperienced but if I had punished him they would have said that I was done cruelly and like a king. Now I know if that man in which he intended arrived into the Manilian camp that no one is to stupid who would not see that a conspiracy was made, that no one is so wicked who would not admit it this one however having been killed I know that this plague of this republic is repressed for a short while, that it is not able to be suppressed forever. But if he shall thrown him self out and shall have lead his men with himself and shall have assembled in the place, the other ruined characters collected from all sides; not only this so full grown plague of the republic will be extinguished and destroyed but also the root and seed of all evils