Chapter 13
Indeed for a long time, conscripted fathers, we are involved in these dangers of the conspiracy and plans of the conspiracy, but I do not know how maturing of all the crimes and of former fury and of boldness erupted out into time of our consulship. Now if that one from such a band of robbers will be removed, we shall seem perhaps to be relived from care and fear for a short time; however danger will reside and will be enclosed deep with in the veins and in the guts of the republic. Just as often men sick with grace illness with in they are tossed with the heat of fever, if they have drunk cold weather they seem @ first relieved, later they are affected much more grace and scarcely so this sickness which is in the republic if relieved by the punishment of that man will grow more severe if the remaining live. Therefore let the evil ones go away, let them separate themselves from the good men, let them congregate in one place, finally let them be separated from us by a wall which I have now often said, let them stop plotting against the consul @ his home, stop surrounding the tribunal of the city praetor, stop assaulting the Curia with swords, stop preparing firebrands and torches to burn the city; finally let it be written on the forehead of each and everyone what he feels about the republic: I promise this to you conscript fathers that there will be so much diligence in us consuls so much authority in you so much bravery in Roman knights so much agreement in all good men that you shall see everything laid bare by the departure of Catiline. With these omens, Catiline for the greatest safety of the republic to you plague and destruction and with their death those who joined themselves together with you in every crime and parricide, set out to evil war and crime. You, Jupiter, who we have established under the same auspices of this city by Roomfuls whom we truly named protector of this city and power you will keep off this man and allies from your temples and others from the roof and walls of the city from their lives and fortunes of citizens and you shall punish the personal enemies of the good men of the country and thieves of Italy joined by an agreement of criminal and evil society. (Check last part....)