Chapter 3

Chapter III- 1

What is it Catiline, which you further expect so much now, if neither the night of meeting is able to conceal the infamous people of your conspiracy, not just the private home can hold the voices within the walls of conspiracy? If all things are brought to light, would all of these things break out? Change that mind now, believe me, forget the murder and fires,. You are hemmed in from all sides; all your plan are clearer than light to us, which it is permitted now that you review with me. Did you remember that I said in the senate on the 21st of October that Gaius Manlinus, the accomplice and assistant of you boldness, would be in arms on certain day, which day would be sixth kalends of November? I have mistaken in something, Catiline, that this so atrocious and so incredible, because rather it is to be wondered at by many, day?

Chapter III-2

Likewise I said in the senate that yu set the murders of the best on Oct. 28th @ a time when many leaders of the states fled from Rome for the sake of saving themselves as for repressing your plans. You don't deny, do you, that you were hemmed in on that same day by my guards, my diligent careful attention, that you were not able to move thoroughly against the state when you, said @ the departure of the rest that nevertheless you were content with our slaughter of who had remain. What about this? When you were trusting that you will seize Praeneste on the night of the kalends of November by force., did you not feel that this colony was fortified with my order, my guards and sentinels? You do nothing, you plan nothing, do you know nothing which not only I sort, but also see, and I distinctly feel.