Chapter 4

Chapter IV-1

Pray! Recognize with me that the night before last; you now understand that I keep a much sharper watch for safety than you are for the destruction of the state. I say that you came on the previous night among the scythemaker-I will speak frankly: that in that same place in the home of Marcus Laeca that many allies of the same madness and same crime convened. Do you dare to deny? Why do you silence? I will prove it, if you deny. I see that certain people are here in the senate, who are in one with you. Oh the immortal gods! Where on earth are we? In which city do we live? How do we have a state? Here, here in our # there are conscripted father leaned in this most sacred and grace body of the earth who from the destruction of us all, who plan the destruction of this city and indeed whole world. I consul see them and I ask these men their opinion about the republic and those who is fitting to be slaughtered by the sword, I not yet wound them with my voice.

Chapter IV-2

There you were @ the house of Laeca that night, Catiline, you distributed parts of Italy, you decided where it was pleasing for each one to depart, you choose those you would leave behind in Rome, those who you would lead out with you. You assigned parts of the city for fires. You declared that you would soon leave, you said that there would even now be little of delay to you because I was alive. Two Roman knights were found who were to free you from that care, and they promised that they themselves that very night a little before day break they would kill me in my bed. I learned all these things almost before your meeting was dismissed, I fortified and strengthened my home with greater guards. I shut those whom you had sent to greet me in the morning, since they themselves had come; whom I had already predicted to many prominent men would come to me @ that time.