Chapter 5
These things are thus Catiline, go where you have begun: leave from the city @ last; the gates are open; depart. That Manilian camp of yours had waited 4 u as a general too for a long time still. Lead w/you out w/ all your followers. If not purge the city as many. Then u shall have freed me from great fear, provided that a wall is between u and me. You are not able to stay with us much longer; I will not bear it, I will not permit it. I will not tolerate it. The great gratitude must be given to the immortal gods also to Jupiter Stator himself, the most oldest guardian of this city, because we fled this so horrible and so hostile so evil pestilence to the republic more often. The highest safety of the republic must not be endangered too often by one man. As long, as you, Catiline, you plotted against me, the consul elect , I defended the republic not by public guard, but by my private diligence. When @ the nearest consular elections you wish to kill me in the Campus Martius and your competitors, I crushed your wicked attempts w/guard of your friend, and troops w/ no commotion having been aroused publicly; in short, as often as you attacked me, I w/stood you thru my efforts, however, I was seeing that my ruin was joined w/ a great calamity of the republic, u openly attack the temple of the immortal gods; attack the roofs of the city, the life of all citizens, u call all whole of Italy to destruction and devastation. Therefore I dare not to make it first importance and it is proper that this is power of mine and discipline of the ancestors, I will make it w/ reference to the more lenient serveritity for the more use common welfare. For if I shall have ordered you to be killed, the rest of the conspirators will remain in the republic; (from this part on, I don't know, how we translated it, so it's kinda fuzzy, better get help on that...) but if you, as I urged u 4 a long time, should leave, the great sewage of your associated was being drained. What is it Catiline? You don't hesitate it w/ me, consul, 2 make that which u do by your wish. The consul orders the enemies to leave from the city. Do you whether ask me into exile? I do not order, but if I advise myself of consul.