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"The Flower That Blooms In Adversity Is The Most Rare And Beautiful Of All"

Walt Disney's 36th Animated Feature: Mulan

After going downhill with "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" (Pocahontas is NOT the downfall of disney) "Mulan" is GREAT change of pace. I honestly believe that this movie will bring back that special Disney quality. If you know me well, you then know that I loved "Pocahontas" right? Well, Mulan supasses Pocahontas in so many ways. I'm just warning you, but my review might seem a bit biased since I am Chinese too, and I belive in Asian Pride. (not the gangbanging style however)

Where do I begin? about the obvious, ANIMATION. The animation is excellent; I was in awe as I watched Chinese style of art incorporated: the idea that humans were insignificant compared to nature, and nature and her majesty are true sources of power. The scenery gave me the illusion that I was really in China. Everything is so breathtaking. Not only was the background amazing, but character animation was spellbounding too! Mulan is the perfect combination of Pocahontas (her athletic body) and Princess Jasmine (her lovely eyes). Compared to Anastasia, which I also lauded with summa cum laude, the animation in Mulan is much more consistant. Everything moves so smoothly along. And each charecter, supporting or not, has his own anima.

Story. What can I say??? Being a ABC with parents who constantly remind me not to disgrace them, I can completely relate with Mulan. At that exact moment after the disasterous matchmaker incident, when Mulan looks at her father with shame, my heart went out to her. I just broke into tears, and it was only 15-30 minutes into the movie too!!! (don't mock me...)Additionally, during the dinner scene where Mulan honestly expresses her concern about the conscription, I can remember my own experiences like that, which stired me even more to cry. Coming out of Mulan, I experienced a sense of poignant confort, in the sense that I wasn't alone. Although this film is generally a more "adult orientented" animated film, disney added Mushu, the lovable guardian dragon as the comic relief, which very much appreciated! Eddie Murphy out does himself again! He's such a wonderful comedian and gives such life to Mushu. However I was surprised that Disney actually, used words like cross dressing & drag. I have no problem with that at all, but I do suspect parents with small children might be concerned.

What would be a animated film without music? I was kinda disappointed with the music, but I reminded myself, it's not a musical like Hercules. It's quite possible that "Reflection" might be Oscar nominated, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed. It's quite aberrant, that the score out do the music, but in this case, the score to Mulan is much more worthwhile than the songs. (which is kinda weird.)

In closing, I think Gene Siskel is bastard since he compared this movie to movies like Yentel which is complete bombast since Yentel is an live film. But otherwise, I love this movie (otherwise why would I give it a special review???) This movie has such a poignant feeling to me and has special meaning. Truly recommend this movie to everyone of all ages and races.


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