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    To Annie C.:
    Ugh Latin Club again, teeny bopper bashing!, raving! (that was fun, let's go again), my laughing seizure, cookie monster pan!, bo ban ni tsa (big pearl milk tea is yummy), french fries with bbq sauce, driving, I miss my car, DJ QUIK RULES, Long live the memory of 2Pac, the Fur Elise dance, Mario Kart, cussing fests, Super Smash Brothers, PIKA-CHU!, jody the pedafile, harassing your brothers, mooooooooove!, road rage, schillznitch... da posse!

    To Fontaine L.:
    Fons! Fontain! Green means go, road rage, the "Jody Lane," "star searching" for DD, the hunt for the red hot David Duchovny, DIANA FOWLEY IS A BITCH, smut sisters, mIRC, Garbage, my addiction, raving, remember me in UCLA! I will join you in one year!

    To Ellen T.:
    Oh Ellen! Lauren Rhodes incident, SP gifts, yearbook editors, "Hi, I was just walking down your street and...???", Nick Gomez, have a easy breezy sophomore year!

    To Lori H.:
    Lori Darlin! David Duchovny!!! Yummy!, Sculder, Mully, oohhh... Vince V from Psycho (yummy for you!), Mr. Calkins (ugh-ooger), Ewan McGregor (is sexy!), ligh sabers, STAR WARS: Episode One, Komeda-"Please me one more time and then go away," scary Robyn Gardner, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me!, Cruel Intentions (Lesbian kissing!), damn! I'm never leaving the movie theater, good luck for the future!

    To Wendy L.:
    Wenzo LuLu! Government at Harbor College-whatta bore!-stupid teacher, Mr. Loiterman, morning traffic, road kill (yum!), Jade's Bakery, Toyota Camerys rule!!!~Annie~Jody~Wendy~Camery sisters!!!

    To Guyltone S.:
    Hi Gil-tony!!! Guile-tone! Gosh the endless possibilites for your ever so versitile name...=) (on the phone)"You whore..." *dialtone* Guyltone thinks: Omigod, she killed him, Fergility= Fertile + agility, & Perry's cigarettes and porn. Oh btw: have a wonderful time at USC

    "Airika1013" K.:
    Airika! Joining XFSpoilers, Gillian/David Shippers!, road rage, driving in the parking lot of In & Out, skatebording lighting tech!, DIANA FOWLEY IS A BITCH, shillznitch=killswtich, mofo, salmon eggs & sushi, ditching sixth period, have a great freshman year (it's not that bad, I'll let you ditch lunch with me)

    Tracy R.:
    Trixie, Roly Poly...hmmm you seem to also have a variety of names attributed to your name. Hi Tracy! I'm not psycho! You have a cute nose. Hey, you look like Jenn. The "freaky" guy at the hospital.

    To David M.:
    Davie, Dave, "Does it explode???", Me-"Are you ceral?" You-"YEAH! With milk and a cow!!!hahahaha" Melrose Place obessions!!! Kimberly Shaw MD rules!!! Dr. Peter Burns is an idiot with bad hair, "Kimberlifying", "I hate BROOKE!", the 3 J's- boring!!!, "I'm a better Melrosean than YOU!", sucks to be you, internships this summer, Dawson's Creek!,"We HATE JEN CLUB", WE HATE JACK MCPHEE CLUB, love ya dave

    To Sung A.:
    Sung-shine...Sung-gy Delight! At your request I've decided to move on about your biting habits. I've decided to forgive you. (Gasp!) Yeah, well anyway I'm sorry the Latin election didn't turn out the way you wanted to, I'd rather have you join Grace C, Caroline W, and Julie H, no offense to Kevin of course (he's just not, a "people person.")Well anyway have a hellish junior year.

    And my other friends: Robert H., Grace P., Catherine C., Elizabeth W., Hansen B., Beverly L., Cassie W., Yuan-Chin W., Victor W., Jason W., Perry and Pat C., John V., Chris C., Matt J., Akshay P., Nathan F., Allen H., Eugene and Evan C., Mike C., Ravi V., Sean Williams, and Ananth Vasishta ...and to people I forgot, please forgive me!

    If you didn't get a paragraph dedicated you, I'm sorry! My creative juices are not flowing and I'll get it up a.s.a.p.