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    A brand new section. I'm an AOheLL user and I despise the fact that there's a member search directory, because these desperate idiots try to abuse the service as a dating directory. Having a profile myself, I think these desperate scum suckers ought to be exploited. You may find me cruel, but honestly, I don't care. I'm sick and tired of having to suffer such stupid, mindless conversations in which, *I'm* being evaluated as whether I'm acceptable for this parochial idiot. Also since I'm venting, I am not a statistic. Don't you "A/S/L check" me. For you losers reading this, I am Asian and I am proud of my nationality. If you stop talking to me b/c I'm not caucasian, I'm sorry. You're a racist "mofo."

    And now on with the show...

    Date: 24 July 1999

    Comments: Okay, if you're a foreigner with an accent, YOU DON'T TYPE YOUR ACCENT INTO THE TEXT!!! Oh yeah, don't forget to spell your last name correctly. Retard.

    CharlieGJJ: HI there 18 from palos verdes
    ClarexLune: 17 from the same area
    CharlieGJJ: Iam jose Zica
    CharlieGJJ: Zika
    ClarexLune: What?
    CharlieGJJ: I said , my name is Jose Zika
    ClarexLune: Nice to meet you.
    CharlieGJJ: Iam a senior at penn
    CharlieGJJ: what is your name?
    ClarexLune: Serena
    CharlieGJJ: nice to meet you Serenita
    CharlieGJJ: do you speak spanish or french?
    ClarexLune: Neither.
    ClarexLune: I speak Latin.
    CharlieGJJ: oh well i speak spanish,france,english,and italian.
    CharlieGJJ: Iam originally from Chile
    CharlieGJJ: and it is a pleasure to meet you Serena
    CharlieGJJ: =)
    ClarexLune: Nice to meet you too.
    CharlieGJJ: I wish I could meet you in person , so that i could give you a kiss. this is a tradition in chile.
    ClarexLune: Right, but you know what? It's not tradition here. In America, we shake hands.
    CharlieGJJ: but we shake lips =)
    ClarexLune: Right...
    CharlieGJJ: did you graduated?
    CharlieGJJ: or u are gonna be a senior?
    ClarexLune: Soon to be Senior.
    CharlieGJJ: great
    CharlieGJJ: by the way
    ClarexLune: Sorry I don't trade pictures to strangers.
    CharlieGJJ: but
    CharlieGJJ: wait a minute hun
    CharlieGJJ: Iam not a stranger
    ClarexLune: Sure
    CharlieGJJ: pluss you know my name
    CharlieGJJ: and I go to your school
    ClarexLune: Uhm no, my standards are higher than that.
    CharlieGJJ: and Iam a cute guy with a sweet smile
    CharlieGJJ: what are your standards
    CharlieGJJ: bch
    ClarexLune: To list them? Oh that will take too long.
    ClarexLune: Excuse me?
    CharlieGJJ: do you know what does bch stands for?
    ClarexLune: Bitch, beach...
    CharlieGJJ: Beautifull california hinous.=) see you sholdnt be so negative
    ClarexLune: Hinous means?
    CharlieGJJ: is a french word
    CharlieGJJ: that means you are
    CharlieGJJ: What do you look like?
    ClarexLune: Hinous doesn't you are...
    CharlieGJJ: yes it does
    CharlieGJJ: it is slam
    CharlieGJJ: did you go to the beach today?
    ClarexLune: you are = es (singular)
    ClarexLune: you are = etes
    CharlieGJJ: tu est tres belle
    CharlieGJJ: Iam speaking french
    CharlieGJJ: for you
    CharlieGJJ: since is a romantic language
    ClarexLune: You didn't do a good job... est is 3rd person...meaning "he/she/it is"
    ClarexLune: Translate this: je suis la belle dame sans merci.
    ClarexLune: Besides, belle is an adjective.
    CharlieGJJ: I lived in France for 4 years baby ,so I know how to speak very well
    CharlieGJJ: Iam a beautifull lady with out thank you
    CharlieGJJ: see hun
    ClarexLune: Close
    CharlieGJJ: mercy
    ClarexLune: Took awhile to respond.
    CharlieGJJ: escuse me ,but mercy in french is pitie
    ClarexLune: And I don't do quite badly for a person who doesn't take French huh?