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    Konnichiwa Minna-san!

    I'm a college student now!

    (13 December 2000): Okay...I think I'm going to overhaul this page over winter break b/c I want to make cool anime pages about myself. (God, I'm conceited) I've been making small corrections here and there. So just browse around. ^__^

    (19 October 2000): Holy Cow I haven't updated my page in over a year. I'm thinking about taking a html class or learning it so that I can totally revamp this page. It sucks...it has no graphics and I want to be just as good as Rebecca or Cath. ^___^ Anyway no "major" updates, just that I'm alive and this page isn't dead. Totally dead at least. Oh yeah! I'm a college student now! Go Bruins!

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  • ex*ploi*ta*tions: Take a stand against stupid people on AOheLL! No more abusing the member search directory as a dating service!

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  • t h e . l i g h t . SWITCH: amor|fides|veritas - Mulder, Scully, Romance - need I say more?
  • Well, I hope you enjoy my site and remember to sign my guestbook or leave a message on the answering machine for me!

    Just remember: This site is eternally under construction!!!

    *~Clare De Lune~*

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