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    Disclaimer: These are my opinions, they might not agree with yours, but too bad. This is my page. Get your own if you want to air out your opinions, but do not whatsoever leave a message in my guestbook saying that I'm wrong. If you want to point out a fallicy (like wrong information or spelling) that's different, that's what email is for. Thanks

    *~Clare De Lune~*

    Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menance presented by 20th Century Fox. Starring Ewan (Sexy!- For Lori) McGregor, Liam Neelson, Natalie Portman, Jake Lloyd, and Samuel L. Jackson

    "Every Saga Has A Beginning"
    George Lucas finally gave us what we wanted...STAR WARS! As a fan of the original triology, PM falls short of the last 3 episodes. Everything you see is computer generated, which is great and displays the vast use of technology, but it tires the eyes. Parts of it were slightly boring...only two scenes kept me at the edge my seat...I won't spoil it for people like Eugene, but just to warn you. Young!Anakin is adorable, but need to work on some acting skills. Oh yeah, JAR JAR BINKS OUGHT TO BE SHOT. THAT ANNOYING PIECE OF JUNK NEED TO SHUT UP AND STOP STEREOTYPING CARRIBEAN ACCENTS. Okay, done venting. Despite the overuse of computers, the techology is absolutely asounding. TPM definitely paves the way for future hi-tech films. But in closing I left the theater a little disappointed, but totally satisfied.

    Austin Powers 2: The Spy Who Shagged Me presented by New Line Cinema. Starring Mike Meyers, Mike Meyers, Mike Meyers, Heather Graham, and Rob Lowe.

    "He's Back!"
    Go Watch it!!! It's so freakin funny!!! And the best part you don't even need to watch the first movie either, although it helps with the continuity with the jokes. It's not often when you see a sequel surpass the original, but Ausin Powers is just the flick! However the movie does have some pit falls, like the corny-ness of the whole thing. Also Austin Powers is a little bland himself. Felicity Shagwell is also disappointing. Dr. Evil and Mini Me are characters to look for!!!

    Tarzan presented by Disney (Buena Vista). Featuring the voice talents of Minnie Driver, Glenn Close, Lance M (From Millennium)

    Superb animation. Disney's Tarzan reassures Disney's return into the animation mainstream. It's breathtaking and sublime. On a bigger issue here, Tarzan is not another sappy movie for kids. Young Adults can enjoy this as well. At one point in our lifetime we all have been rejected from something. Here we see a situation where a boy is rejected by both man and animal. He doesn't belong. But on the journey Tarzan discovers who he really is inside and that's all that matters.

    American Pie presented by Universal Pictures. Starring Jason Briggs, Natasha Leonne, Alyson Hennigan, Shannon Elizabeth, Tara Reid, et al.

    Wow. You think that Universal just give up financing movies. They have certain made a come with this coming of age sex comedy. This movie is ten times *worse* than There's Something About Mary. It can't get worse than this. The humor is terribly disgusting, and the there's no real meaningful message, but it's just great all "American" fun. All in all, this movie is wrong in every single possible way, but at least it goes all way and doesn't fold.

    Eyes Wide Shut presented by Warner Brothers. Starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kiddman.

    Jesus christ! I cannot believe what I just saw. I have to say that the late Stanely Kubrick got extremely lucky with an 'R' rating. It really really should have gotten an NC-17. The big secrecy about this movie has been revealed, and I cannot see what the huge fuss is about. Perhaps it's the fact that I am young and unmarried, but this movie was, in my opinion, not all that wonderul. I was offened with the explicit sexuality in this movie. I think I have never hyperventilated during a movie before but let this be the first. Also there's the jealousy issue. I suppose we all have different ways with dealing unpleasant issues, but Jesus Christ, Dr. Hartford had one hell of a night. Seriously, how can one man go though all of that in New York city? It's extremely surreal (I think Kubrick was trying to get this aspect.) and a bit slow. Generally, I found this movie too sophisticated for someone my age and perhaps I'll truly enjoy this film when I'm married for seven years and bored with my husband. And you know what? His wife, Alice Hartford should have just kept her big mouth shut and never smoke pot.

    Runaway Bride presented by Touchstone Pictures. Starring Julia Roberts, Richard Gere, Joan Cusak, Hector Elizando, and Rita Wilson.

    "Catch Her If You Can"
    Wowzers. Another romantic comedy with Ms. Full of Teeth. I have to admit, this a "guilty pleasure" movie. I actually thought it was kinda "cute." Like You've Got Mail. But Gere and Roberts cannot compare to Ryan and Hanks though. However if you have extra time to spare and you've every single movie out, then why not and waste another $8.00 on this one too.

    The Thomas Crown Affair presented by MGM and United Artists. Starring Pierce Brosnan, Rene Russo, Dennis Leary, and Esther Canadas.

    "How Do You Get The Man Who Has Everything?"
    Holy cow! This is the movie not to miss this year! Smart, sexy, satisfying! I cannot say a bad thing about this movie! (I could complain about the nudity of the movie, but then I'm still kinda sensitive about Eyes and I just recently saw Boogie Nights.) Such an intelligent movie! You'll be amazed! Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo are great for the roles, although I think David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson could just as well! But anyway, great action, romance movie... it's better than Entrapment/Out Of Sight if you ask me!

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